Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fantastic Dinnerware!

If Rosanna Bowles ran the world, everyone would gather around each evening and enjoy a delicious meal passed around the table on exquisite dishes while laughing, talking and sipping glasses of red wine. She believes that dining together is a giving, loving—and truly fun—experience.

In her opinion, entertaining can be effortless and elegant, and nearly any occasion is cause for a celebration, from major milestones to the smallest of moments. Whether it's a birthday party for the five-year-old, a glamorous soirée with the girls, or simply a romantic evening at home, stylish dishes turn any-and every day-into a special occasion.

-I found this fantastic dinnerware website via the hostess blog, to visit the website click here and to visit Rosanna's personal blog click here -

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Lily said...

I love this dinnerware thanks for the info, i have bought the spotty china!